Simple PHP Helpdesk

This project was the final in my PHP web applications course. I was hoping to learn some object-oriented PHP over the course of the semester, but the work mainly focused on catching improper form data, using GET and POST to transfer data between pages, and the basics of writing and retrieving MySQL data with PHP.

The app is a simple helpdesk, like the title implies. At the registration page, users can either register as an admin by checking the box below the registration form, or as a regular user by leaving it unchecked. “Admin” users are able to see all open tickets in the helpdesk, while regular users can only see the tickets they submitted themselves.

From the list view, users can click to view each individual ticket with its details, replies, priority level, and more. From this page, users can also leave replies to the ticket, and all of the replies are displayed below the ticket body.

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