This project is one that started like many others–with “what if.” For many years–over a decade, if I have my dates right–this particular site was hosted on a mass message board conglomerate, and the service had always, well, left much to be desired. A small group of members, myself included, decided to explore our options for self-hosting, which would include, among other things, securing hosting, installing an unfamiliar message board software, and making sure that software would be able to do everything we wanted it to.

Eventually we settled on Simple Machines Forum, an open source software which would allow us to modify templates and database tables as needed. My part of the project was the templates – moving bits of code around, updating the software (sometimes manually, yeesh), and making sure none of the installed modifications conflicted with each other.

Over time, I’ve also made some very minor CSS modifications (font-face and altering the menus here and there, that sort of thing), as well as keeping up with updates and occasionally adding new features.